Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Artifices Theories from fans: Is Julian Blackthorn a secret Herondale?

Well, I've seen many things like that:


Well not likely.

First, seriously, how come he is a secret Herondale?

If you are telling me that Julian's real father is Stephen, then I can tell you, Amatis's original first name is Graymark (Since that she is Luke's sister), and I don't think he had married the third unknown woman.

And is there any other Herondales except Jace? This is one interesting theory, but I guess that Imogen had an only son (which is Stephen). If there's another, I would like wow, you are now playing your tricks? Again?

Cassie said that Julian is really different from Jace and Will. Not just their faces but their personality as well. And we know our lovable Herondale boys: Sad in heart, Sarcastic to others, Stubborn. I don't think Julian is one of them. (Unless he is pretending?)

And the thing is, in some ways it's not really good to center the Herondales in all 3 series. The Herondales have already played the biggest part in TID, and a fairly big part in the first 3 books of TMI. So it's not that good to center the Herondales in TDA.

Still, I will miss the Herondales when Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire are released.

I will DEFINITELY miss their sarcastic remark and their selflessness and... love.

But if Julian is a secret Herondale, I think TMI and TDA will be too alike, and that's one thing I don't want in TDA. I want some new things. And Emma Carstairs is a good example, because she is a real heronie at the first place(Unlike Clary and Tessa, which that the two of them are so much alike). And she can definitely play blonde jokes(Clary and Tessa are a little bit too serious to me). Which is one of the things I love most in TDA.

And I am looking forward to Lady Midnight.

It's an interesting theory, but I think I like Julian Blackthorn more than Julian Herondale.

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