Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Possibility of Infernal Devices Movie

The Mortal Instruments movie will be released in August 2013. Many TMI and TID fans(including me!) want to know that if there will be an Infernal Devices movie. And read this little paragraph from tmisource below:

It’s optioned for film by the same people who optioned The Mortal Instruments. Again, ideally, they’d love to make them into movies. Steampunk/historical movies are very expensive to make, so they’d need a big studio commitment, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t get one. They are, however, concentrating on making TMI right now, so I wouldn’t expect news about the ID film project for a while.

So it's gonna be a movie in the future! This is a big good news! But when? I can see that the development of this movie will start at a time that is very far away to reach. And if the box office result of City of Bones is great, I can tell that the studio will definitely make a City of Ashes movie BEFORE Clockwork Angel. And that's (somehow) a sad news to me. I want an Infernal Devices movie even more than The Mortal Instruments movie!(Don't get me wrong, not that I don't like City of Bones movie, it's just I think The Infernal Devices movie will be much more epic. And I love TID more than TMI. Well, a bit more)  

If there will be an Infernal Devices Movie, who do you picture as Tessa, Jem, and Will? 

And check out the link below: Imaginary Cast of the Infernal Devices

I am ready to see Clockwork Angel to be made into a movie!

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