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Divergent: Vote for it in Teen Choice Awards 2012!

Vote for Divergent in Teen Choice Awards 2012!


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5 Reasons Why ‘Divergent’ Should Win Choice Book At This Year’s Teen Choice

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We’re counting down the days to Teen Choice 2012 (it’s tomorrow!) and (because we’re nerds), one of the moments we’re looking forward to the most during the show, besides the performances and the epic Breaking Dawn vs. Snow White and the Huntsman battle that’s brewing, is finding out which novel wins for Choice Book. The nominees include Twilight, The Hunger Games, The Giver, The Lucky One and Divergent, which is the only book nominated that has additional books in the series that haven’t come out yet. It’s team Divergent FTW, and here’s why:
5. It’s become the most popular in the least amount of time. Twilight was published in 2005, The Lucky One and The Hunger Games were published in 2008, and The Giver came out in 1993. These books have had years to build loyal fan bases to vote for them. Meanwhile, Divergent was published in May 2011 and the second book, Insurgent came out in May of this year.
4. It hasn’t been made into a movie…yet. Three of the five nominees have been made into a movie and one of the nominees, Twilight, has been made into five movies. Will fans cast their votes based on the books alone without thinking of Robert Pattinson, Josh Hutcherson and Zac Efron or will the movie franchise with the biggest fandom take home the prize?
3. It’s our favorite of the dystopian/monster genre novel that is not by Suzanne Collins. Don’t get us wrong, we also like Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures, Shiver and Delirium, but Divergent is the only book we’ve torn through as quickly as The Hunger Games.

2. Because Harry Potter wasn’t nominated. We’re not sure what the criteria is for the new Choice Book category, but if a classic like The Giver can be nominated in the same category as an entire book series like Twilight, then why in the world isn’t J.K. Rowling’s series up for the prize? A movie version of The Giver is currently in pre-production with Jeff Bridges reportedly attached, so maybe the common thread with all the nominees is that they have movie versions set to come out in 2013?
1. It’s really good. First-time author Veronica Roth, who is only 23 years old, created a rich dystopian world in her debut novel that is easy to understand (when so many new dystopian novels aren’t), fast-paced, action-filled and also somehow manages to be romantic all at the same time. We told our friend Joey Graceffa to read it and he loved it as well. So if Joey picked it, you know it’s gotta be good!

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I love the last reason. It is EPIC. I have never seen any book write like that, because there is no another guy interrupting the relationship between Tris and Tobias, which creates a love triangle. The only thing that eating away their trusts to each other is lies from Tris to Tobias. And this is a new way that should be promoted into the YA world, and Veronica Roth can carry out the tale really well in a more unique way. I adore her like Cassandra Clare.

And one more thing, I don't really like Hunger Games, so don't put Suzanne Collins into this article. She is a brilliant author, but I love Divergent. And Divergent is much better than Hunger Games to me. So the third is quite good actually.

And the forth one. What is with the forth reason? I will still nominate Divergent even Harry Potter is nominated. I mean, people will love Divergent, this is one great story. I can't see that why people will always nominate Harry Potter rather than Divergent.

The second reason is kinda lame. Why can't people love the books simply because the book is good, the books is romantic, the book is exciting, blah blah blah. I can't see why movie stars have to do with anything. Books are books. Movies are movies. And I nominate them with a separated mind.

But still, Vote for Divergent always!

I've voted. How about you?

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