Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clockwork Princess: Cover Reveal and City of Bones Movie


Clockwork Princess Cover is HERE!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna scream right NOW (but I can't cause I am in library) <-- Reality is annoying~

It's so lovely!!!

And Tessa is holding the Codex!

What does it mean?

I can't freaking wait for Clockwork Princess! ><

And I can see now why Will falls for her and held out the DSBS scene

And I can now see why Jem thought that she was an angel when they first met

She is sexy and hot! 


and hear what Cassie says about CP2:

What is Tessa holding? Tessa is holding the Codex.
Can you get a snippet? Yes, I’ll post a snippet. Lot going on. Be patient!
The setting in Clockwork Princess remains the United Kingdom, with mentions of some more faraway places.
I can’t reveal models’ names, as usual, but her dress isn’t available for purchase; it was borrowed for the shoot from a costume collection. It’s beautiful, no? Clearly an evening dress. Victorian evening dresses were shockingly low cut. Footmen sometimes had to help ladies out with wardrobe malfunctions.

Jeez, I want some NY, but UK is ok!

And talk about the Jade Pendant from Jem to Tessa!

Goodness, my sharp-eyed darlins! Something I never even noticed till you guys pointed it out. Tessa on the cover here isn’t supposed to represent specifically Clockwork Princess Tessa, but Tessa throughout the series, so I never thought of specifying she be wearing/carrying the things she has solely in Clockwork Princess. Tessa’s dress design, what she’s wearing, all were done by the artist without input from me. And he hadn’t read Clockwork Princess, because it hadn’t been written. He was going off the other two books. No engagement ring (well, there isn’t one in the book anyway, the pendant stands in for it) and no pendant doesn’t mean anything, one way or another.

No Pendant? So Tessa is NOT gonna be with Jem? This is horrible for Jem, I can tell. But since that so many people are Team Will, I will just try to keep my mouth shut

How bout the background?

Tessa is standing in front of Blackfriars Bridge and St. Paul’s cathedral. I just checked back in Clockwork Prince and yep, she never gets an engagement ring except in the scene where they go to York, but she gives it back. Just to say!


Lastly, the compliments!

I can’t take credit for the covers. Cliff gets credit for those. He does a beautiful job. I did want a cover that could represent the whole series and more — I often give Cliff notes about sort of the theme I want the cover to represent and with this one I talked about how Tessa’s love of books weaves through the series and how literature is really magic to her. 
Anyway, I love the cover. It really is probably my favorite so far. I am glad you guys love it too.

You know what, this is the best in The Infernal Devices series!!! I LOVE THIS COVER! I really DO hope that Dark Artifices will even be better than that!!! Can't wait for Clockwork Princess!

And now there is one more piece of information: CoB movie's early banner!!!

Check it out:

OMG. Angelic Power. I can't wait to see how Lily and Jamie work this out.

This WILL be good.


So lot to take in

But anyway, the best thing is the cover of CP2!


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