Wednesday, June 20, 2012

YA Crush Tourney (Article 4)

The nomination has just finished! I am so excited to see the battles. And I finally got time to read the latest article from YA Sisterhood. And it makes me sad. To know more about the whole article, please click here.

I am really sad and kinda angry when I was reading the whole article. The YA Crush Tourney is FUN. But guys, they're just a game. Some people are taking it too seriously. They are just criticizing about the TMI and TID characters getting the top places. And the most hateful thing some of them have done is they keep sending those hate emails to Cassandra Clare. About that I get murderously angry. It's not her fault that the fans nominated those characters. She's just an awesome author. What is the point of sending those hurtful emails when Cassandra Clare is just trying to make the characters come alive? I DO think it's free to nominate other characters. I don't blame them. I love other characters too and I nominated them (like Four and Patch, etc.). But I just don't get that why some YA fans have to take this tourney that serious. Take it easy. It's not Ms. Clare's fault that her characters get the highest nominations. (P.S. Especially when I love the characters in the Shadowhunters' world so much and it just makes me hurt and angry when I read the article from YA Sisterhood and know all about this thing)

Another thing that makes me angry is some fans keep sending messages to YA Sisterhood to complain about the whole tourney. That it's not fair. That the people who run this site add their own comments in this battle. Blah blah blah. I am exasperated about this. Come on, guys. They're just organizing events to provide a good mood for YA lovers. And basically they don't add their own comments in this tourney. They are just organizers. Why on earth would they add those comments? Even though it's impossible for them to love all the characters in YA world, I don't think they will interrupt the whole nominating event. So just stop blaming them. They are innocent. They just want some little fun. They don't wanna be criticized because of this game.

The last thing is about the whole Sebastian-is-in-the-list thing. Honestly I don't really like Sebastian(All right, I admit I HATE him). But can't other nominators have a crush on Sebastian? What is the whole purpose of this game? You can just nominate ANY fictional guys that you have a crush on. It IS possible that some guys have a crush on Sebastian even though he was supposed to be a bad guy. It just irritates me when some fans even criticize about that one. It's the nominators' choices of choosing Sebastian. Not yours. Even though you don't like/hate Sebastian, can't you just shut your mouth and say nothing about it? I thought that we can choose ANY characters. Even though you are very unhappy or angry with the guys that voted for him, you can just complain to yourself or your close friends. Don't judge those guys and YA Sisterhood for accepting him in the YA Crush Tourney(which is really ridiculous and kinda makes me furious for YA Sisterhood to be criticized).

I really want the tourney continues. They are so much fun. You can just know how the YA lovers choose, and you can watch the whole battle go on, and this is really fun to choose your beloved characters. I hope that the people who runs YA Sisterhood will recover from this depressing event and continue to organize the whole battle. I also hope that Cassandra Clare won't receive those pointless and frustrating hate emails from the lunatics anymore. And I don't wanna see any of these happen again. I don't wanna see some guys who take the battle too seriously to send hate emails to famous writers, criticizing about the whole battle, and blaming even the characters who are on the list.

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