Monday, June 18, 2012

YA Crush Tourney (Article 2)

According to the YA Sisterhood, Will gets 600 nominations and stays at the first place while Jem gets 435 nominations and stays at the second place ! Woohoo! (Four, who gets 415 nominations, stays at the third place)

It seems like there will be a vicious battle if Will and Jem get into the final round. A battle between Team Will and Team Jem. Although it can be possible that Four gets in the final round.  The fact is, it seems that people always choose Will over Jem, and I can't see why. They are good guys, hotties, self-sacrificing dude. Why people can't just love both of them at the same time?

And as for Four and Jem, I think that it's possible Four beats Jem and gets the second place. Another contradiction here to me now. I wanna choose both characters but I can't. That's is SAD. Somehow I want 2 winners at the same time. Is it possible to love many fictional guys at the same time?

Who do you expect to get in the final battle?

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