Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 day Divergent challenge (originally from Tumblr)

Originally from this page:( This is fun, but I don't have Tumblr, so I have to reblog this in here.

1. Your faction
According to the test, I am Dauntless (But I don't think I am brave=.=)

2. Your favorite character
Of Course Tris and Four!

3. Your most favorite shipping

4. Your least favorite shipping
Again, Dunno (This is lame, I KNOW)

5. Dreamcast for Tris
AnnaSophia Robb (She looks quite right for Tris's part)

6. Dreamcast for Tobias
Max Irons, Nicholas Hoult, Logan Lerman

7. Your favorite friendship
Tris and Will

8. Your favorite quote
Being fearless isn't the point. It's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.(Four, Divergent)

9. Your least favorite character
Divergent: Jeanine
Insurgent: Caleb (He's a traitor!)

10. A character that died you wish didn't

11. A character that you wish died
none (for now)

12. Favorite moment in Divergent
The moment that Tobias breaks free from the simulation Jeanine puts him into, and recognizes Tris is there, not some freaking enemy that he thought she was.

13. Favorite moment in Insurgent
When Tobias asks Tris not to leave him for Erudite

14. A song that reminds you of the series
Safe and Sound (I don't know, just that Safe and Sound features The Civil War, like the whole faction-crumpling messy situation at the end of Divergent)

15. A pairing you don't get

16. A book/series you would recommend to a fellow fan.
 The Whole Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, for now as The Dark Artifices hasn't released its first book yet)

17. A character you hate that everyone loves
I think none~

18. A character you love that everyone hates

19. A character that you are most like
Christina (I think, because she is fairly good)

20. Favorite faction
Erudite (but only the good part)

21. Least favorite faction
Candor (too black and white)

22. Your favorite thing about the entire series
Unlike other bestselling YA series, there are no love triangles (which can be really annoying sometimes). And the fighting scenes are epic!

23. Your favorite fight/battle scene
In Insurgent, when Tris is using a pocket knife to defend herself from bullets (which is epic and hilarious at some point)

24. A scene that make you laugh
I can't remember because there are so many~

25. A scene that make you cry
I am not a crying-loving person

26. A character you would die for
I think Tobias and Tris

27. A scene that ripped your heart out
So many~

28. Something you wish went differently
I don't want Caleb turns out to be a traitor

29. Favorite simulation
Tris's first sight in her fear landscape

30. Something in the series that you can relate to
I can't think of a single thing right now

*Doing this survey makes me feel that someone gives me Truth serum and force me to tell the truth in a GOOD way

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